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Physiotherapy Clinic offers the best and latest variety of treatments. The department is specialized in the treatment of various diseases and conditions that are related to women's health. Moreover, the physiotherapy Clinic plays an important role for other internal departments in the treatment of various conditions, particularly the critical ones.

Our Services include:

  • Managing urogynecology disorders (urinary incontinence, pelvic organs prolapse, pain caused by menstrual disorders, vaginismus)
  • Women’s health care in the pre-and post-natal periods
  • Treating the symptoms associated with pregnancy and post-delivery (back and neck pain, swelling of the legs, difficulty in breathing, weakness of abdomen, back, and pelvis muscles)
  • Managing of Musculoskeletal/Joint dysfunction (osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, and all types of spinal cord injuries, neck pain, lower back pain, and sciatic pain)
  • Managing pulmonary problems and breathlessness pre/post-natal and within the delivery
  • Scar management post cesarean deliveries
  • Scar and pain management post bariatric and cosmetic surgeries
  • Rehabilitation following breast surgeries and mastectomy

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