1. 1. Amenities

    • Wireless Internet Access: Connect to our complimentary public WiFi network to enjoy high-speed Internet access
    • Telephones: All local & internal calls are complimentary and you can also access private dining should you wish to order additional meals.
    • Television, and Appliances: Wide flat-screen plasmas will ensure that you are duly entertained. You can access several controls via the Television including the Hugs & Kisses Baby Cam in the nursery to check on your newborn.
    • Newspapers/Magazines: We have a selection of national papers in both English and Arabic, along with the best magazine publications in Kuwait.

  2. 2. Room Service

    • A-la-carte Private Dining: Our exemplary cuisine prepared by our chefs can cater to all kinds, including Continental, Mediterranean, Pan-Asian and even made-to-taste.
    • Housekeeping: Housekeeping staff comes in daily to tidy up your suites and ensure you have everything you need to make your stay comfortable. You can also schedule this at your convenience.

  3. 3. Lost & Found

    • Although we are not responsible for your personal belongings we will try our best to assist you in finding any lost or misplaced items. Contact Guest Services to file a Lost & Found Report with our Security Department.

  4. 4. Visitors: Policy & Guidelines

    • We recognize that visitors play a strong role in helping patients during their stay in our hospital, most important are our patient visiting policies and hours. To keep your environment as clean as possible, visitors should not sit on patient’s bed or handle any medical equipment. To avoid the transfer of germs, request that everyone wash or sanitize their hands when both entering and leaving your room. Guests should not visit if they are sick or have had any symptoms within the last three days, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, uncontrolled cough or rash.