To enroll in the program fill in the provided registration form which will give us a brief overview of your medical history and will also help us to develop a preliminary assessment of your health.


  • To provide continuous premium medical services that meet the demanding lifestyle of today’s executive.
  • Reduce your health risks using preventive & early detection methods, from diseases that you are genetically pre-disposed to or that form due to lifestyle habits.
  • Address any current medical health issues and treat them efficiently.
  • Establishing risks that you may face from chronic diseases and identifying them to treat them or control those diseases and their symptoms.
  • Immunization Update: vaccines against seasonal diseases such as influenza etc.
  • Improve your overall quality of life.


  • Based on the recommendation of our Internists you will have access to our multi-specialty experts including Cardiology, Gastrointestinal, Obstetrics & Gynecology (for women), and our accredited Laboratory, Imaging & Diagnostic Services.
  • Elegant confidential clinics and luxury suites designed especially to suit executive’s taste.
  • An executive coordinator will be assigned to you for scheduling and reminders of appointments, tests and examinations at your convenience.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality.
  • Personalized Assistance: the executive coordinator will schedule your appointment and prepare the final report.


To enroll in the program fill in our registration form giving us a brief on your medical history and lifestyle habits. The form should take you about five minutes to complete and will help us form the basis for your initial assessment.

Preparing for your Visit :

To complete your initial medical assessment you must ensure the following:

  • Do not eat any solid or liquid foods for 12 hours before your appointment.
  • Arrive early for your appointment to choose your executive suite and complete your registration into the Safwa Healthcare Program.
  • Stop taking some medication for one day like Gloucovag, Aspirin and Ventolin sprays

Things to bring with you:

  • A list or sample of all medications you are currently taking.
  • Any previous medical reports, lab results or x-ray films.
  • Your previous physicians contact details if you were referred here.
  • Loose and comfortable clothing for your tests and sleepwear for an overnight stay.