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Royale Hayat Hospital Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Kuwait-November 2016 – In the presence of Board of the Directors of Kapico Group Holding Co. & Almulla Group Holding Co. Royale Hayat Hospital marks its first decade of impeccable medical care and outstanding contributions.

Back in 2006, Royale Hayat Hospital redefined the meaning of “hospitals”; patients were welcomed into a remarkable facility designed to blend luxury and comfort. In addition to providing state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical technology to serve all family members in a luxurious, welcoming environment.

Today, 10 years later, we can proudly look back and say, “We did it!” Our team, our qualified physicians, our dedicated nurses, our loyal community, we all believed we could, and we did.

A strong and clear vision, a devoted team of believers and a significant amount of determination, that’s Royale Hayat’s recipe for success. Royale Hayat is not the best hospital in Kuwait by chance; this achievement is only a realization of the vision of its benefactors and their mission; which is to provide the most innovative health service for all family members.

“It’s been 10 years, and we are still as enthusiastic as we were on that grand opening day,” said Mr. Pradeep K.Handa – Chairman

Royale Hayat has accomplished a lot since then. All departments, facilities, and equipment have been reconstructed, renovated, and renewed over the years to guarantee exceptional care and comfort. One must consider the significant impact the hospital has had on the medical industry as a whole and on the lives of families in particular. The expansion, new departments, the services, awareness campaigns, events, conferences, educational and medical programs, celebrations, and all the daily contributions have made our journey rewarding.

In the era of patient-centered medical care, advanced technology, patient safety and innovative treatments, Royale Hayat Hospital will continue to rise as an essential partner and contributor to every individual’s health at the best medical facility in Kuwait.