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Parent & Childbirth Education Classes


Preparation for the birth of your baby begins through an educational program designed specifically for couples waiting to welcome their newborn in our hospital. At the Royale Hayat Hospital we encourage and emphasize on the importance of receiving these lessons before your delivery to give you the necessary information and instructions and to eliminate your fears, whether you choose to have a natural birth or cesarean.

Pre-Birthing Program

The purpose of this program is to train and educate the couple for labor and delivery, to inform on how to enter the hospital for delivery as well as the benefits of pain relief, relaxation and breathing classes for a natural birth. We also provide a house tour of the maternity wards, accommodation and nursing staff that will take care of you and your child.

Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding class is given before and after delivery. Learning how to examine your body and the full detail of the breast is important in educating the mother on how to care for and feed their newborn. The specialist team will visit you in your suite for your training on how to do the breast-feeding and its benefits for both you and your child.

Child Care Program

This program is to prepare parents for the arrival of the child. During the stay initial custody and comprehensive tests will be conducted by the Pediatric doctors who will give you detailed guidelines on how to care for your newborn.


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